Going back to Metteer

So today we are going back to Metteer because they are going to have a Cinco de Mayo party and they wanted us to go help. Metteer is my old school and i’m happy to go back to a lot of teachers that i know. We are also go to help in activities like soccer and kickball and a lot more. Comment if you know Mettteer.

R.I.P Iguana

Hey guys I am back. So I have not said that we have a class iguana and sadly he passed to day in the morning he was a really good iguana but he passed away because he was stressed. Please  pray for Iguana . R.I.P IGUANA

How to comment

So how to do good comments. Say you made a blog about your trip and I read it and I want to comment on it. I would say good things not like hi I would say what he or her could do better i  their writing so they could edit.

About my avatar

Hi Its me Asul and this  is my avatar and  I am going to talk about my avatar. So let me start so why I made this avatar was  because I in Mexico. At the ocean and it was a sunny day and I took my soccer ball and played little game of soccer with my brother. That day it was hot so I  got my hat and went to the ocean. My family and I had a lot of fun so that is why I made my avatar like that.

My letter from orbiting Jupiter

Dear Joseph


I wanted to tell you what you could have done better when you left with your dad. Almost at the end when you left I thought that you were going to drop him or something because you could have still been alive if you did not go with your dad.  I know you really wanted to see jupiter but since you passed you never got to see Jupiter grow up with Jack and his parents. You could have been their but you made a bad disegion going with your dad you could have seen jupiter and played with her and had a lot of fun with her. But really you were a good main character but I am happy because you are with madalin your love.


                Sincerely Asul 

4 Corner Soccer

My favorite moment is when we play 4-corner soccer because we were all enjoying it and my friend kicked the ball and I was goalie and it hit me in the face and everybody laughed it was funny# best class ever.